Next-Gen Media Ecosystem Powered By Our Global Transmission Network

The BitFire Media Platform features broadcast-quality, low-latency IP transport, and an innovative suite of cloud production tools for modern hybrid workflows.

BitFire Studios features control rooms and XR LED, chroma-key, and podcast stages to take your studio productions to the next level.

BitFire’s 24/7 Network Operations Center and experienced engineers support live transmission, production, control rooms, and post-production, any time, day or night.

BitFire Media Platform

The BitFire Media Platform provides a turnkey solution for live content production and distribution. This comprehensive ecosystem replaces multiple products and vendors, providing everything you need to get your show or live channel on the air. 

Globally Deployed Transport Network

The BitFire Transport Protocol, paired with our highly distributed Transport Network, enables end-to-end latencies of less than half a second.

BitFire Inferno Screen

Centralized Cloud Control

BitFire Inferno provides an easy to use "Source to Destination" Platform for managing your bookings. Feeds auto-negotiate and automatically route through the BitFire Transport Network, and monitor feed health with real-time telemetry and diagnostic information about every packet.

BitFire Switcher and Control Desk

Unparalleled Support

The 24/7 BitFire Network Operations Center is staffed by US-Based Transmission Engineers.

Leverage our expertise so you can focus on what matters: your production.

BitFire Studios

Production Studios and Facilities

BitFire offers a state-of-the-art broadcast production studio facility featuring two sound stages, including an immersive XR Studio featuring LED walls and floors, an 1,800 square foot soundstage with chroma-green cyc, plus two fully-equipped control rooms, and a podcast studio.

BitFire Main Soundstage
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