Expanding the Audience

National Lacrosse League

Prior to the 2021-2022 season, the National Lacrosse league announced a multi-year, multi-platform media rights partnership with ESPN and TSN, bringing the league’s 15 teams to its largest potential audience ever. With a viewing potential of more than 100 million fans, establishing and maintaining a high production standard for every broadcast was paramount to the future success of the league.

Delivering for a Growing Nationwide Audience

The NLL brought in BitFire to help create a new, expanded broadcast production plan, aimed at increasing quality and consistency league-wide. The REMI workflow empowers the NLL’s core team of Producers, Directors and Technicians to support multiple games per week and even multiple games per day.

A Hybrid Workflow Solution

  • BitFire and the NLL deploy a centralized broadcast production model with the BitFire Transport Network at its core
  • The BitFire-NLL REMI production interfaces with broadcast equipment natively and supports:
    • 9x HD-SDI camera paths from the venue
    • 3x HD-SDI return paths from the control room
    • 4x channels of IFB/TB for talent
    • 4x PL channels for crew
    • Tally signals from control room to on-site cameras
  • BitFire coordinates and distributes the national program transmission of every game to ESPN in the US and to TSN in Canada
  • Program is simultaneously transmitted to local TV stations, regional networks and multiple OTT streaming destinations
  • BitFire provides a cloud master control viewing experience for NLL to keep an eye on all games to ensure consistency

“The agility and flexibility of BitFire’s transmission network is allowing the NLL to take a big leap forward in the quality and scale of its broadcast delivery.”

- Ed Derse, Broadcast Operations and Technology Consultant, NLL

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