A Scalable REMI Production Model

Ross Production Services

Ross Production Services (RPS) is a full-service production company with a fleet of compact mobile units built for modern efficiencies that integrate seamlessly with their powerful REMI control rooms at RPS HQ in Wallingford, CT. At the core of this setup, is the BitFire Media Platform.

RPS uses BitFire to execute REMI productions with technology that simplifies workflows, which empowers RPS to consistently deliver high quality broadcasts across multiple sports, events, and networks.

How it Works

Multiple BitFire Engines are installed in each of the six RPS mobile units to facilitate ultra-low latency transmission of nine camera paths, three return signals, synchronized scoreboard data, and camera tally. The three control rooms at RPS HQ in Wallingford, CT are equipped with a complimentary set of BitFire Engines, plus dedicated hardware for on-air transmission. RPS utilizes BitFire for on-air transmission to CBS Sports, NBC Sports, or ESPN, among others. 

Well before the mobile unit arrives on site, the internet connection has been properly qualified and vetted for connectivity and bandwidth. RPS sends a compact BitFire testing device to each venue and with the BitFire NOC runs a full diagnostic of the connection to ensure the broadcast will run smoothly.

RPS deploys a Broadcast Engineer and essential in-person venue crew to each remote production, while keeping many other positions like Producer, Director, TD, GFX, Audio, and Replay at their Control Rooms. Utilizing a REMI model ensures that RPS’ best crew are able to work as many shows as possible, while keeping travel budget to a minimum.

Measurable Success

Over the past year, Ross Production Services has used BitFire to deliver coverage of over one hundred NCAA events for conferences including the A10, CUSA, MAC, and Big East. The same REMI workflow is used by RPS to support Athletes Unlimited growing roster of events including basketball, softball and lacrosse.

The Best in the Business

"BitFire’s platform seamlessly transports broadcast-caliber video from even the most challenging venues. The technology and support have been the key enabler in our quest to grow and scale our business. Their custom services capabilities are some of the best in the business."

- Stephen Repass, VP & General Manager, Ross Production Services

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