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BitFire and Holley Video Connect American Idol to Families

SVG Staff
BitFire and Holley Video Connect American Idol to Families

For the 20th season of American Idol, Arizona-based BitFire Networks and California-based Holley Video Consultation partnered to engineer a solution to connect families with contestants during the production’s socially distanced audition process.

Dubbed the “180 Room,” the setup features a three-segment screen and open area in the middle for the contestant to stand. Oversized video feeds of families, friends and pets are displayed around the contestant, creating real-time emotional and memorable moments for the show. The 180 Room lets contestants talk to loved ones who couldn’t travel to California due to social distancing and travel restrictions.

American Idol needed a new solution to bring families together remotely due to COVID protocols in California,” says Bob Sullivan, president and CEO of BitFire Networks. “Working with our partners, we provided the technology to ensure families could experience these life-changing moments together.”

As the search begins to find the country’s 20th singing sensation, NEP Sweetwater and Pacifico Television helped make this complex vision a reality with BitFire.

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