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BitFire Announces Media Platform, for Cloud-Based Media Production

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BitFire Announces Media Platform, for Cloud-Based Media Production

BitFire announces general availability of the next generation of its cloud-deployable, software-defined operational solution for video production and transmission. The BitFire Media Platform eliminates entire complex workflows, replacing capital expenditures with marginal operating expenses.

Gain Complete Flexibility

For shows ranging from sports, news, talk, to events and streaming productions featuring remote contributors, the BitFire Media Platform delivers seamless workflows between the camera and the audience, leveraging a revolutionary convergence of physical and cloud resources, eliminating boundaries traditionally associated with hybrid-cloud production through the use of the BitFire Transmission Network. Professionals choose from a growing list of encoders, decoders, multiviewers, record and playback decks, comms channels to flexibly deploy production resources to their BitFire Servers and the BitFire Cloud, decoupling media processing and production participation from a given physical location, all while remaining flawlessly synchronized.

Because it incorporates cloud technology, the BitFire Media Platform is infinitely scalable, and easy to reconfigure to react to changing production needs.

Reduce Capital Costs

To build and operate a permanent, fully-equipped studio, broadcast engineers identify their desired capacity, capabilities, and transmission needs, before spending considerable amounts of capital on the purchase of often-rigid, single-use hardware. The BitFire Media Platform allows producers to marginalize the expense of supporting a hardware workflow, by paying only for the components and paths that are needed, and only when they are needed.

The BitFire Media Platform goes beyond cloud-based media production, to include both hybrid cloud / on-prem processing and deterministic-latency transmission, allowing producers to deliver their content to - and manage their entire production from - anywhere.

Leverage Advanced Technology

With the BitFire Media Platform, broadcast engineers gain significant flexibility within their production environment, whether it’s built in a control room, a press box, a truck, a convention center, or a home office. BitFire’s internally developed technologies optimize entire workflows, incorporating resilient transmission, unparalleled telemetry, and redundant disaster recovery protocols to mitigate outages and other bandwidth restrictions.

A more flexible set of solutions enhances the production process by putting access to resources at your fingertips. The BitFire Media Platform is a true plug-and-play production workflow solution, capable of delivering broadcast-quality video in up to 1080p59.94, including High Dynamic Range (HDR).

In addition to the BitFire Media Platform, BitFire goes beyond the live production workflow, offering additional services, including our XR LED soundstage, centralized control facilities, production services, and remote camera kits for contributors.

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