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BitFire Media Platform delivers modern hybrid workflows for live video transmission and production

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BitFire Media Platform delivers modern hybrid workflows

BitFire announces a major release of the BitFire Media Platform, its groundbreaking production technology solution for hybrid broadcast workflows that combine the best of traditional broadcast technologies with innovative, software-defined tools that unlock the power of the cloud.

The BitFire Media Platform offers a revolutionary convergence of physical and cloud-based tools that empower you to create entire production workflows at any scale. Powered by our ultra-low-latency global IP transmission network, The BitFire Media Platform is the most comprehensive and robust IP-based solution on the market today for seamless hybrid-cloud transmission, production, and distribution.

The BitFire Transport Network boasts a globally distributed architecture, with strategically positioned ingest locations near your ground-based sources and destinations. The network seamlessly leverages multi-hop recovery strategies and real-time routing decisions to ensure ultra-low latencies, with the utmost resiliency. BitFire Engines automatically connect to the BitFire Transport Network with a security first mindset. Network administrators need only provide outbound internet access, as BitFire does not require publicly available static IP addresses or any inbound firewall rules.

Updates to Inferno:

BitFire is proud to announce a major update to Inferno, the web-based management platform to manage your BitFire Resources. This update showcases a refreshed UI, where you can build, monitor, and modify your BitFire bookings. Inferno simplifies the complicated nuances of IP transmission, and displays real-time information about each feed, including Video Format, Bitrate, Latency, Underlying Loss, and Efficacy.

Introducing the BitFire Cloud Switcher:

BitFire announces the initial release of the BitFire Cloud Switcher. It supports up to 8 inputs, 8 keyers, and has native integration for HTML5-based graphics. The text-based API allows fast and easy integration into control surfaces or automation systems. Use Inferno, BitFire’s web-based portal, and book sources from BitFire Engines such as SDI, AES67, and more. Additionally, BitFire Media Platform outputs, such as other switchers and multiviewers, and ingest SRT feeds from multiple regions.

While early cloud- and software-based switchers and production solutions have required rethinking your entire workflow, the BitFire Cloud Switcher is based on a traditional M/E and keyers methodology and seamlessly integrates with the BitFire Transport Network.

The BitFire Switcher joins a suite of previously released Cloud Production Tools: FireBridge Control Room, FireBridge Monitor, FireBridge LiveShot, BitFire Cloud Comms, BitFire Cloud Multiviewer, and BitFire Cloud Recorder.

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