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BitFire Supports Remote Feeds for MLB All-Star 2022

Kristian Hernández, SVG Senior Editor
BitFire Supports Remote Feeds for MLB All-Star 2022

Known as the town where dreamers come to achieve their wildest aspirations, Hollywood is a fitting city to host those fortunate enough to hear their name called during the 2022 MLB Draft. MLB Network (MLBN) is airing their coverage of Day 1 on Sunday, July 17 in a big way: a large stage in front of L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles.

“We’ve been in good hands working alongside the crew at L.A. Live, and this show has been well thought out and planned,” says Susan Stone, SVP, operations and engineering, MLB Network. “A lot has gone into making this production successful.”

Early Days of Planning: Multiple Visits and Production Meetings Begin the Process

Despite this being a one-day broadcast, the work that has been done on this show dates back to the early months of 2022. Prior to the start of the regular season, the network’s production staff starts to think about potential ideas. As it gets closer to the first game of the year, Coordinating Producer Marc Weiner and the rest of the department kick it into overdrive. The crew is focused on other tasks during the year, like daily programming emanating from their Secaucus, NJ studios, but as prognosticators and experts in Major League Baseball write their draft projections or make amendments to previous mock drafts, the production is always changing to cater to these new storylines.


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