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Professional Fighters League Expands Agreement With BitFire

SVG Staff
Professional Fighters League Expands Agreement With BitFire

BitFire Networks announces a continuation of their partnership with the Professional Fighters League (PFL) to provide critical production support for the expanded 2022 season. On the heels of BitFire’s support last season, the PFL will again use BitFire Networks proprietary technology to execute its complex productions for viewers around the world.

The PFL just launched their 2022 season with the all-new Challenger series. The 8-week series began on February 18 from Orlando. BitFire will handle transmission of multiple video feeds and comms channels between the primary production truck in Florida and multiple operators working remotely. The core of the remote crew will be working in North Carolina to execute the shows live graphics and scoring systems.

Five separate multiview and program feeds from the onsite production truck will transmit to BitFire servers installed at the offsite production facility in North Carolina. Crew will be able to monitor camera, graphic and show feeds in real time. The remote crew will also use BitFire’s virtual communication system for seamless communication with the production truck onsite in Orlando. With BitFire’s ability to interface directly with the comms system in the production truck, the entire crew is effortlessly linked together to execute this complex production.

BitFire will also integrate talent into the live broadcast. Ian Parker will provide gambling analysis for each show using a BitFire remote talent kit installed in his home. The easy to deploy kits include BitFire servers to transmit the talent camera feeds back to the production truck.

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